20 facts about Wesley Fei’s plummeting net worth

helicopter? convoy? 153 Years of the WSOP Main Eve...

Liar The Casino’s Million Dollar Game is a $1 million buy-in cash game expected to make memorable pot history. That idea became reality when the largest televised jackpot in history took place on the final day of broadcast, with nearly $3,100,000 going straight to Tom Dwan.

The media focused the entire focus on “dudu”. “But Wesley Fey, the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency millionaire on the show, saw the other side of the story. He tried to bluff with an A-High and lost a ridiculous amount of $1,536,000. At today’s exchange rates, that would be $7,772,160.

Do you know what you can do, buy or make money? Poker World has a list of 20. Check it out:

1) Played in the WSOP Main Event every year for 153 years (still has $6,000 to play)

2) That amount exceeds Aaron Duczak’s 7th place finish in the WSOP 2022 Main Event

3) 30 $50,000 entrants to the WSOP Poker Players Tournament.

4) More money than Dan Cates won twice WSOP 2022 Poker Players Tournament prize money $1,449,103.

5) A prize of this value will be the second highest prize> Forever representing Brazilian online poker

6) Win six times KSOP GGPoker Special 2023 Main Event won by Julian Pineda

7) It’s March, Phil Hellmuth will be in Las Vegas with $525,000 for nearly three houses for sale

8) 2.7 times the price of Big Brother Brazil 2023, largest award ever

9) 1,347 nights (or three and a half years) at the luxurious and traditional Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, suites with ocean views (source: Booking)

10) Purchase of a $1,350,000 Bell 505 helicopter for 4 to 5 passengers (Source: Flapper)

11 ) Purchase of 94 Hyundai HB20s, Brazil’s most One of the best selling cars, currently worth 82.290 reals (Source: Auto Esporte)

12) I was able to 910 tickets the most expensive purchase for last year’s World Cup final in Qatar

13) Purchased 1,963 PlayStation 5

14) Purchased 7,930 Premium Track Tickets for Coldplay Concert in Sao Paulo

15) Paid Flamengo star Gabigor BRL 1.5 million for five months

16) Easy bet 1,554,432

17) Paying for a subscription to the MundoTV channel on Twitch 983,817 months

18) Paying for the most expensive Netflix subscription 139,036 months

19) eat 11,264 times tasting chef Alberto Landgraf’s menu Oteque Restaurant, currently considered the best restaurant in Brazil

20 )Buy 18,116 Alexas (Echo Dot 4th Gen)

helicopter? convoy? 153 Years of the WSOP Main Eve...

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