André Busato Ends SCOOP 2023 With Event 116-M Victory

André Busato ends SCOOP 2023 with victory in 116-M...

Until the final hand of SCOOP 2023, the country’s players were battling for the title at the PokerStars tables. In Event 116-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday), victory came after heads-up play. Event 12-L Champion: $33 NL Hold’em (7-Max, Turbo, PKO), André Busado repeated the feat after defeating Eike “Mr.” Hana” defeated Onodera. The drivers on the satonamotoka account won a total of $49,045. The runner-up added to his bankroll for $34,959.

In event 116-M, “essigfilho” (4th ) and Brener “Bremer919” Vicente (No. 5) also left the final with $17,764 and $12,662.

The country is at Event 121-M: $33 NL Hold’em (7-Max, Hyper -Turbo, PKO). Marcos “Marcosv61” Vinícius earned $13,318 for biting his nails, while “nd1mas” took silver and $9,611.

120m: $55 NL Hold’ em (Freezeout, PKO), “ROGÉRIO” TWO” placed second out of 3,633 entries, a feat that netted the grinder $12,895.

André Busato ends SCOOP 2023 with victory in 116-M...


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