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Understand the rules of Chinese poker

Get to know Chinese poker

Chinese Poker is a poker variant from the Asian community. It is growing in popularity at both the professional level (Dwan, Ivey and Tony G) and the amateur level. It is very stylish and one of the most attractive factors is the powerful influence of chance. It blurs the lines between professionals and beginners even more than Texas Hold’em, bringing more surprises. What is this about? Let’s start with the basics.


Chinese poker is usually played between four people, but can also be played by two or three people. With this in mind, the first rule to know in this game is that each player receives 13 cards from a deck of 52 cards (that’s why no more than 4 players are allowed). The player then divides his 13 cards into three arrangements: two arrangements with five cards each (called the middle and back), and one arrangement with three cards (called the front). These formations or moves use the same hierarchy as Texas Hold’em or Open Poker.

Players place their three moves together, taking into account that the rear is the strongest formation and the front is the weakest (note that it is not possible to form a flush, straight, full house, poker or Double pair, since there are 3 cards.) Once the formation is set, place them face down on the table, and each player, clockwise, says whether they want to play or not play the hand. The price of the side bet is then announced and the cards revealed. It is important to declare that the player automatically wins if each of his formations forms a flush (there are clearly 3 of the same suit ahead).


The measure of monetary value in Chinese poker is the unit. Determine in advance how much money will be invested in the blinds, and then the cards are dealt from the winning units against each other, i.e. H. How many formations have our formations won? If we win in the middle and behind and lose in the front, we gain 2 units. The aforementioned additional bets, also known as “royalties” or “bonuses”are awarded to players when they land a particularly strong hand (full house, poker, royal flush or front leg).


The story gets more complicated. In addition, players can earn additional “royalties” from “natural” games. When he acquires them, they are automatically provided to him without him having to play with them. The natural moves are:

– Three flush formations.

– Three straight flushes.

– Six pairs (counting 3 hands).

– Three straight flushes.

– 13 different cards (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K). This combination is called“Dragon”.

The player with the highest “natural” formation wins. Depending on the method, double royalties may be paid.

Standard License Value

We base the cards on: Front Card, Middle Card, Back Card, 2223 Full House 2 Full House 0 (no bonus) 3333 Poker 6 Poker 44443 Royal Flush 10 Royal Flush 55553 Royal Flush 20 Royal Flush 106663777388839993TT3JJJ3QQQQ3KKK3AAA3 NaturalRoyalty Hand Six Pair s3 Three Straights 3 Three Colors 3 No Broadway 3 Dragon 13.

Collapse Hand

Player A can choose to discard the hand and pay the value as if he had lost 2 of the 3 units, but better than losing all 3 units should be less. No royalties are payable for handing over your hand.


When a player makes a hand error based on level (for example, there is a leg in front but only a pair in the middle), he must Paying 3 legs has the same value as if he had lost all 3 legs.

Chinese poker is slowly spreading to us. Since its insidious emergence in Las Vegas casinos and events at the WSOP, this variant has been conquered by professionals rather than by force of arms.

Three players, each combining his 3 formations. The person in the middle receives the bet by drawing a flush among all the cards.

Get to know Chinese poker

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in August

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in Augus...

Latin American league called LATAM LEAGUE was launched by 888Poker and it is aimed at recreational Spanish-speaking players from Latin America, namely from the following countries: Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Best of all, additional prizes are added every month.

4 Sundays per month in Latin America at 20:30 – 19:30 – 18:30 – 17:00:30. Admission is $1, single repetition For $1 purchase (no extras), there will be two (2) FREEROLLS QUALY satellites every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00pm – 9:00pm – 20:00:00pm 19:00.

For login passwords, announcements and prizes, please visit ➡ 888Poker LATAM’s Facebook.

Here is the complete schedule 📆👇



1️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 1 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Repurchase: 1 | Sunday, August 13









4️⃣ LATAM LEAGUE 4 – $300 GTDBuy: $1 | Repurchase: 1 | Sunday, September 3rd

♠ Scoring System ⤵️

On each LATAM LEAGUE date, points will only Awarded to the top 50. The point table is calculated according to the following formula according to the number of participants:Points are only awarded to the first 50 of each appointment. 50 points for first place, 49 points for second place, and 1 point for 50th place.

🔰 If there is a tie at the end of the month, this tie criterion applies:

✅ Who goes the furthest on the date. ✅ Who has the most dates. ✅ Whoever reaches the final table more times.

♠ Prizes⤵️

📌👉 This monthly ranking top 20, you will get the following prizes:

🏆 1. – Deposit $109 into your 888Poker account. + Interviews and records of tournament winners on 💰 2nd and 3rd place – $22 entered into your 888Poker account. 💰 4th – 5th & 6th – $16.50 into your 888Poker account. 💰 7th to 10th – $8.80 credited to your 888Poker account. 11th to 20th – A $3.30 bonus will be credited to your 888Poker account.

Latin American League Returns to 888Poker in Augus...

Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event in 13th Place

Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event...

Pablo Brito is the country’s standout player in the current GGMillion$ season and is just a few eliminations away from competing in another FT. In the GGMillion$ Week High Roller, he bowed out with only two tables remaining. In total, No. 13 earned 9tales members $68,904.

Pablo troubled the leaders for a long time but the Bahians were unable to maintain the momentum when they needed him most. As a farewell, he made an 8bet opening all-in straight from UTG. David Peters then decided to defend the big hand and call. When A♣2♣ came up against 4♥4♣, Pablo couldn’t find any outs on the 7♦Q♠6♣6♠3♣ board.

In addition to Pablo, seven other Brazilians also scored for Day 2. Pedro Padilha was the first to lose all his chips, finishing in 65th place and winning $25,820. Alan Melo (47th – $29,465), Yuri Martins (44th – $29,465), Pedro Garagnani (40th – $33,735), Rodrigo Rodrigo Selouan (33rd – $38,736), Bruno Volkmann (30th – $38,736) and Rodrigo Seiji (51st – $51,455) Also withdrew from the GGPoker Mini Series.

Pablo’s opponent Peters has been confirmed to participate in the final and will work with 51 BBS. In the search for his first title, the American met several professionals, including Vicente Delgado. The Spaniard is at the top of the list with 68 BBS.

With 652 entrants signing up for $10,300, GGPoker blew past its $5,000,000 guarantee. Whoever calls out “Champion” will receive $998,294 from a $6,520,000 prize pool. Events will resume at 3pm (BST).

Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event...

Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Latin America

Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Lat...

Although the term Metaverse did become popular due to the cryptocurrency boom and is now forgotten, there is an entire industry behind it that continues to operate and is gaining traction in Latin America Positive outlook.

Gambling in general and poker or blackjack in particular were the first to use this technology. The establishment of famous tables in places like Decentraland has led to a large number of online mills migrating to the area, making huge and consistent profits compared to the profitability offered by online poker just a decade ago.

As media attention to the Metaverse realm wanes, there are manycompanies quietly working on future launches This will change the way gambling is planned.

“Adoption of the Metaverse by gamers will transform the economics of the industry and create new business and job opportunities. “Additionally, immersive experiences can be driven by opening up new markets and generating additional revenue for game operators regional economic growth,” said David Fica Jaque, founder and CEO of Land Vegas.

Since the so-called second online poker boom and the outbreak, manyoperators have turned to the Latin American market Seeking growth potential, although there is still much work to be done, especially on the regulatory front.

“Security and certification are critical to building player trust and ensuring they have a safe and transparent gaming experience, ” Jaque concluded in an interview with YogoNet.

There are already rooms like PokerStars that have created their own metaverse, initially with so-called in-game currency. WPT, for its part, has been working on a collection of NFTs that will be the key to a larger virtual universe.

IGamingOverall, this new Technology is also constantly evolving, attracting new target user groups, while companies not related to poker are developing their own projects and conducting extensive testing in countries such as Argentina. We will have to wait and see what the new world of virtual poker tables will be like What does it look like?

Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Lat...

Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world record set

Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world recor...

Freak Friday once again brought more news than anyone expected. The Playground Poker Club of Canada has set a world record, much to the delight of some poker players. At the lower stakes tables, the upset jackpot brought in a staggering CA$2,590,185, or about US$1.9 million!

Fire erupted on social media as photos of the popular Quebec map space showed players involved in celebrating the milestone. In a bad beat jackpot, the player who loses the hand usually gets the lion’s share of the pot, while the winner also gets a good chunk of the prize. In addition, other players at the table will also divide the remaining pot.

While details of the winnings for each player have not yet been released, we will update this article as soon as we hear any casinos about it. But we have a hand like this:

On an 8 10 10 10 7 2 board, a player with 10 10 might be excited because he knows he won’t lose the hand if He has no nuts poker. Because even if his cards are beaten, the jackpot will be triggered, which will pay out big money.

As it turned out, poker wasn’t enough as the opponent showed 6 9 . straight flush. This triggered the largest jackpot in live poker history.

Canada, a place rich in jackpot Bad Beat millionaires

Coincidentally, the Playground Poker Club also held the largest Bad Beat jackpot to date. Interestingly, It is a similar hand. In June 2022, another poker tens player was beaten by a straight flush for $1.64 million.


Last Freak Friday:

Dan Cates had a $128,000 pot…and a Banana Trouble!

Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world recor...

First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games

First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games

Thanks to NachoAce for letting us see one of his annotated hands each week on our site. Here’s the hand of the week, don’t miss the analysis.

PokerStars No Limit Hold’em $2.00 BB (7 Hands) – PokerStars

CO ($81.75)NachoAce (button) ($200)SB ($200)BB ($190)UTG ($339.05)MP1 ($206.40)MP2 ($218.25)

Preflop: NachoAce is the button with 6, Ace4x, NachoAce bets $4, 1x, BB raises to $12,

BB is a player who raises 11% when trying to steal BB and 24% when trying to steal on the button . If we think a little bit about the 24% and the range, we can see that it contains a lot of hands that are better than ours, but also a lot of worse hands (K9o, QTo, J8s). They’re not worse hands because one of the cards is more valuable than the other, but worse because our hands would have odds in their favor if we were both pre-flop, which is Opportunity for a reraise, so 4-bet. The problem is, if I go all-in, I won’t be able to call because most of the hands that will do that will be better hands than mine. For these reasons, and because I have position, I decide to just pay off the bet and see the flop.

NachoAce calls $8

Flop: ($25) 10, 10, Ace (2 players)

As long as our opponent doesn’t have an ace or ten, the flop is good for us :)BB bets $12 and BB c-bets 71% of the hands he 3-bet preflop. Since the cards on the table are perfect for simulating a tight game, my guess is that he’ll bet on any pair he has. The problem at this point is that I have a good hand, but it’s very weak and easily beat when my opponent has better kickers like an ace or a ten. Also, if my opponent has nothing (say 78), he will fold. Automatically, if I just call (rather than raise), I’ll give him a chance to bluff the turn in my favor.

NachoAce calls


: ($49) 4 (2 players) A good card that only hurts me if my opponent has a 44. BB bet $28 and his opponent bet again, taking just over half of the pot. Here we have to think about what he bets with. If he had a hand like AK, I figured he might check and see how I was doing, because then he would give me a chance to raise when I had the 10 (and still had a lot of money left). When I receive a bet, I think my opponent has a very strong or very weak hand. That is, 10, 44, or a weak hand such as B. A lower pair, or nothing. Either way, the option is to call his bet, since I don’t want to raise against a better hand than mine, or make them fold a worse


First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games

F1lC0nn0rs win major prize in Winamax HighRoller on Thursday

F1lC0nn0rs win major prize in Winamax HighRoller o...

Yesterday’s highlight was the opening flight of the Regular Championship and Trilogy at Winamax .fres. All Thursdays A total of 205-figure Grand Prix Tournaments were organized in France, awarding €434,000 Bonuses.

3 races brought the winner over €5,000.

Regarding the prize pool, fivetournaments exceed €30,000 in prize money:

Here are the best results for Thursday:

  1. TheDip29 (€20 for tea time. Prize pool: €2,509.81. Field Number: 1,284. Prize pool: €23,112).
  2. moneymonkey (Gladiator £50. Prize money: £1,893.33. Fields: 374. Prize pool: £16,830).
  3. rezu007 (mystery KO. Prize money: €2,977.45. Number of entries: 1,242. Prize pool: €22,356).
  4. JamesWeb (Monster Stack €10 (18:30). Prize pool: €2,305.07. Number of entries: 1,435. Prize pool: €12,915).
  5. Furet.Connu (Guerrilla 5. Prize money: €1,488.52. Number of entries: 2,826. Prize pool: €12,717).
  6. Gapinha (mystery KO. Prize money: €3,168.28. Number of entries: 523. Prize pool: €23,535).
  7. magicpoks34 (Battle Royale €200. Prize money: €5,334.72. Number of participants: 178. Prize pool: €32,752).
  8. Roody (La Fievre €) 10. Bonus: €2,502.85. Number of participants: 1,592 euros. Prize pool: €14,328).
  9. Sympatarobe_ (after hours 20 euros. Prize money: 3,070.24 euros. Number of participants: 1,841 euros. Prize pool: 33,138 euros).
  10. Deep Impact (mystery KO. Price: €2,245.11. Number of entries: 3,464. Prize pool: €31,176).
  11. NumbersPrtcl (Prime Time 50. Price: €6,099.13. Number of entries: 966. Prize pool: €43,470).
  12. MH_JoKeR (Pour la Daronne €5. Prize money: €1,442.58. Venue: €3,914. Prize pool: €17,613).
  13. F1lC0nn0rs (HighRoller) 250 Euros. Prize money: EUR 6,565.77. Number of entrants: 134. Prize pool: €31,088).
  14. PNM_PKR (Pachinko € 20. Prize money: € 2,425.40. Number of participants: 854. Prize pool: € 15,372).
  15. LAY0TE74 (Ninja €10. Prize money: €2,404.41. Number of entries: 2,256. Prize pool: €20,304).
  16. Odile 2 raie (mystery KO. Prize money: 2,155 €.39. Number of entries: 819. Prize pool: 14,742 €).
  17. Palyaso (Rush Hour 50. Prize money: €2,692.85. Fields: 367. Prize pool: €16,515).
  18. Tigrouyam93 (Mystery KO. Prize money: €2,510.59. Number of entries: 2,537. Prize pool: €22,833).
  19. julkim (Nightclub 10. Prize money: €1,945.79. Number of entries: 2,093. Prize pool: €18,837).
  20. ElKLaParte (Mad Max €20. Prize money: €2,168.95. Number of entries: 608. Prize pool: €10,944).

A new tab containing the Regular Tournament awaits today, with the opening of the Trilogy event Flights just got even better.

Responsible Gambling.

F1lC0nn0rs win major prize in Winamax HighRoller o...

Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Event

Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Eve...

At the end of Day 4 of the Main Event, less than 5% of the entrants still had a chance to win the most coveted bracelet in the 2023 WSOP. Of the 14 Brazilians who advanced, none did better than Hilton Laborda. He currently has 2,895,000 in chips, about 115 BBS, and ranks 33rd out of 441 qualifiers.

Hilton has experience running deep in the main event. 12 years ago, he was on day 7. The casual player was eliminated in 36th place, adding $242,636 to his bankroll.

Earlier on Day 4, the ITM bubble burst, Jeppe Bisgaard, Yueqi Wang and Peter Nigh, these players were playing in the same hand – the hand fell. They then shared the top two prizes from the $15,000 prize pool. Bisgaard even won a flip between the three and secured a buy-in for the next Main Event.

Meanwhile, Ryan Tosoc took the championship lead with 5,120,000 in chips. He is followed by Mitchell Halverson, a pro who finished 15th in the 2021 Main Event.

Play will resume at 4pm BST with blinds 10,000/25,000 and ante BB. Five 120-minute levels are also held here. Check Brazil chip count:

Hilton Laborda 2,895,000

Vitor Pilon 2,670,000

Thiago Crema 2,500,000

Arthur Campos 2,385,000

Hilton Lorenzo 2,200,000

Rafael Moras 1,880,000

Carlos Enrique 1,690,000

Rodrigo Benki 1,650,000

Gustavo Mastroto 1,510,000

Luis Donelles 1,275,000

Diego Falcone 1,115,000

Eduardo Silva 730,000

Ariel Bahia 490,000

Luis Abdullah 140,000

Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Eve...

40th Anniversary of the Poker Supersystem Bible

The Poker Bible, The Super System, Is 40 Years Old

The 1979 publication of Doyle Brunson’s strategy book, Supersystems, marks the 40th anniversary. In the author’s own words, the so-called “Poker Bible” has cost him more money for the impact he has made than he has made writing the book.

The Poker Bible, The Super System, Is 40 Years Old

Unstoppable: Belluscio one of WSOP Main Event frontrunners

Unstoppable: Belluscio one of WSOP Main Event fron...

World Series of Poker Day 2 of the ABC Main Event, starting with 3,865 players and ending with 1,877 eligible players on Day 3, Latin Armada is absolute Champion protagonist. Mostly because of today’s man: Julio Belluccio. After winning the bracelet a few days ago, the Argentine pressed on and finished third, ahead of his Spanish-language opponent in the new round.

Good old Bartolo finished with 825,500 in chips, just behind Arnaud Mattern with 975,000 and Christopher Brammer with 879,000. Now Bellucio will have a day off before he will be ready for Sunday’s only third day in the tournament so far, with all remaining players grouped together.

Kun Aguero has over 100 blinds in chips. He will now rest and play a third day of action on Sunday to enter the bonus.

Far behind Belluscio, although the stack is very good, is Mariano Gondolo, who added 449,000 chips,

Additionally, Leonardo Daviglus, Ramiro Petrone and Karucha Rodriguez

The most notable casualty of the round was the quick exit of José Ignacio Barbero, who had just won the Arie 10K High Roller in the wee hours of the morning. Nacho started with 30 blinds or less and couldn’t find room to double it up. Unfortunately, the race for the best Argentine this season is over.

The Main Event continues this Saturday at 12:00 for Day 2D. There will be plenty of Latin American representatives – all Day 1D qualifiers – trying to advance to the next round on the day the record-breaking tournament’s numbers are announced.

Unstoppable: Belluscio one of WSOP Main Event fron...

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