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mansi88 wins Wednesday Mini-Thunder on PokerStars, leads red team

mansi88 wins Wednesday Mini-Thunder on PokerStars,...

Wednesday Red Team had a mediocre performance at PokerStars.

The House of Red Spades organizes the 7 tournament with the 5-figure jackpot for €105,000. One MTT ended in Spanishvictory.

mansi88” won 10 Euro’s Mini Thunder for €1,838.92.

With this victory, La Roja took a total of 19 victories in yesterday’s MTT races. These are Wednesday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “JointerGreen” (PKO €5). *.
  2. “Eddhy_32” (PKO €5). Turbo).
  3. “topingo 99” (PKO €5 6-Max). * “Zapatones11” (PKO €5 6-Max).
  4. “Zapatones11” (PKO €10) 6-Max).
  5. “joselobito45” (SuperStack €5).
  6. “Pochhi04” (Ultra KO €20).
  7. “Javi_Marri” (BB 5 Euros).
  8. “FireBrain85” (BB 5 Euros).
  9. “mansi88” (Mini Thunder 10€).
  10. “” (PKO €1).* “victorant123” (Super Thunder €1).
  11. “victorant123” (SuperStack €10).* “daviagu” (SuperStack €10).
  12. ” daviagu” (BB 5 euros).
  13. “amarpe01” (Mini Hot €5 BST).
  14. “matematiko86″ (midnight express €20). *”d.bou. 76” (Midnight Express €20).
  15. “D.BOU.76” (BB €10).*.
  16. “FranLuque LF” (PKO 50 € 6-seater).* “FranLuque LF” (PKO €50 6-Max).*
  17. “PorPlacer” (PKO €10 6-Max).
  18. “Anafreita ” (£1 NLHE 4-Max). *”kamon2000″ (£1 NLHE 4-Max).
  19. “kamon2000″ (£2 NLHE Turbo). *”kamon2000” (£2 NLHE Turbo) .

The Spaniard scored 9doubles (marked with an asterisk in the list), the rest In HU is verybad for our team: 10 win 15 Second Place.

These are the results of the most important races on Wednesday:

Today we return to the regular game schedule in the room. VGL, in Spanish!

Responsible Play. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play poker online.

mansi88 wins Wednesday Mini-Thunder on PokerStars,...

SCOOP: Gabriel Moura and Vini Correia doing FT in ME Medium

SCOOP: Gabriel Moura and Vinícius Correia Rank Hig...

for The decision day for the three editions of the SCOOP Main Event is one of the most important days of the year for poker players. Everyone dreams of getting there and being guaranteed a ridiculous amount of money. Players Gabriel Moura and Vinícius Correia realized that dream this Wednesday (31st).

There were 4,206 entrants over the four days of the Main Event Medium, with a buy-in of $1,050 and the Brazilian’s six-figure investment. Best place goes to Gabriel Moura, “aaurelio”, bronze medalist for $300,318. Vinícius, dubbed “Bretera,” finished fifth and won $150,159.

In a very close final table, Vinícius was eliminated in five hands against his compatriot Gabriel. This Brazilian matchup featured a preflop all-in of A7 against AK, in which “aaurelio” managed to hit the 8K6A3 board to win the hand and get a big chip.

Gabriel finished second with 4 but was very close and his opponent was very close to escaping elimination several times. The three innings of the match took a long time to form.

Gabriel went all out in a blind war with “moffo13” who nearly tied and saw chip leader “rolandinjo” take the lead. Gabriel’s AJ met his opponent’s TT and couldn’t find an out on 33253.

He ended up with 1.5 big blinds and even managed to get in on the next hand when 88TAA succumbed. 85 guarantees that he is full. But in yet another blind war with “moffo13,” Gabriel lost all his chips on K4 on the 22nd, ending his good tournament run.

SCOOP: Gabriel Moura and Vinícius Correia Rank Hig...

Yuri Martins advances in 2023 WSOP Event #05

Yuri Martins Enjoys Mixed Play and Qualifies for D...

Search Yuri Martins is heading to Las Vegas for the WSOP with his third career bracelet and plans to play any event. On Wednesday, the star made the most of his favorite event, Event #05 $1,500 Dealer’s Pick 6 Hands, to start his mixed game.

Yuri Martins played more than 20 modes with skill and focus as he completed Day 2 of the series after facing 456 entrants. He finished 15th out of 135 qualifiers. The Brazilian collected 150,500 chips. Felipe Mojave was also there, but fell by the wayside.

The tournament leader is American Larry Tull with 217,000 in chips. Denis Nesterenko (172,500), Scott Bohlman (167,000), Frank Kassela (151,000), John Racener (140,000), Chad Eveslage (139,000), Valentin Vornicu (112,000) and Adam Owen (107,500) are some of the qualifiers.

The game continues today at 5:00 pm. European Summer Time. The plan is to play 10 levels the next day. According to published figures, the prize pool for the champion is $131,879. Once No. 70 is eliminated, the bubble will burst.

Yuri Martins Enjoys Mixed Play and Qualifies for D...

Exclusive: Dalton Hobold and Pablo Wesley Doubles Series

Dalton Hobold scores his third in 116-H in a preci...

SCOOP 2023 is a real success in Brazilian poker, and this Wednesday (31st) Lipe Piv ended in grand fashion with a historic victory at the Main Event high. But at the same time, some other players have also made breakthroughs in other events. Dalton Hobold and Pablo Wesley are examples of this.

The duo performed at Event #116-H ($1,050 Super Tuesday) with 371 entrants. Dalton Hobold “daltonhb” became the overall champion after striking a deal with his compatriot, finishing an incredible third in the series in 2023 and pocketing $59,045. Pablo “Pablos701” also deserves applause for his performance, earning $59,857.

In event #116-M, the cheapest version of Super Tuesday with a buy-in of $109, Brazil also played doubleheaders “satonamotoka” and Eike Onodera “Mr.Havener”. They won $49,035 and $34,959 respectively. There were 3,417 entrants in the field.

Finally, in Event #117-M: $320 PKO, NeTTeam’s Adrovan Rodrigues’ “AAdrovanRJ21” emerged victorious from a field of 681 entries to emerge as the overall winner. The star ended the series with $31,434 in credits.

Pablo Wesley

Dalton Hobold scores his third in 116-H in a preci...

Thursday is a busy day at CCP Million

Starting decisions, new Main Event qualifiers, and...

After After a promising first day in the lobby of the Sibara Hotel in Barnellio Camboriú, the CCP Million event continued on Thursday, a day that promises to be filled with excitement. A big decision is already on the schedule, with the continuation of the Main Event qualifiers, the start of the much-anticipated Mystery Bounty and, of course, the famous Turbo Night Race.

Thursday kicks off with a daytime mystery bounty. This popular, democratic competition offers an attractive 150,000 reais guarantee and will feature two qualifiers. Day 1A, when the schedule opens, is scheduled for 4:00 pm. Day 1B takes place in the evening, expected at 8:30pm. The tournament has a buy-in of R$430 and will be decided the next day.

CCP Million’s first major decision will also be at 4pm. The startup returns on day two with a reduced field and all qualifiers vying for one of the toughest trophies of the series. The champion will be decided on the day, and the winner will have a chance to win great prizes.

Then, at 7:00 p.m., there will be the second qualifier for the Main Event. Day 1B has a regular structure with 30-minute blinds. The buy-in fee is R$ 650 and the margin is R$ 500,000. The evening program ends with CCP Turbo KO. The buy-in for the tournament is R$220, with blinds increasing every 15 minutes.

Starting decisions, new Main Event qualifiers, and...

Check out Team World of Poker’s ‘hunch’ for WSOP 2023

Bracelets for pagans filled with FT Yuri Martins,...

WSOP 2023 has already begun and the first batch of bracelets will be released soon. The Brazilians are taking over Las Vegas, where the best players in the world are already there. It’s going to be 47 days of great poker, great events and, of course, unforgettable stories. Do you know what’s going on this session?

Mundo Poker’s team of reporters used our crystal ball to make some predictions for the upcoming edition of the world’s biggest poker tournament. Felipe Ketzer is projected for a bracelet, Yuri Martins is Player of the Year for two consecutive years with a final table and ITM, and Daniel Negreanu is in short supply!

Check out Matheus Freitas, Augusto César and Guilherme Schiff’s predictions:

Who will be the WSOP Player of the Year in 2023?

Matthews Freitas: Sean Dibb

Augusto Cesar: Chris Brewer

Guillerme Schiff: Dan Zucker again

Which player do you think will win his first career bracelet in 2023?

Matheus Freitas: Isaac Haxton

Augusto Cesar: Felipe Ketzer, great career stage crown

Guilherme Schiff: Time for Dario Sammartino to celebrate his victory

Do you think the three players in the series will win bracelets?

Matheus Freitas: Chris Brewer, Adrian Mateos and Jeremy Ausmus

Augusto César: Yuri Martins, Mikita Badziakouski and Stephen Chidwick

Guilherme Schiff: Yuri Martins, Koray Aldemir and Nacho Barbero

Where is the WSOP 2023 Main Event venue?

Matheus Freitas: 9,500 players

Augusto César: 8,812 players

Guilherme Schiff: 8,432 players

How many ITMs and final tables will Yuri Martins reach by 2023?

Matheus Freitas: 12 ITMS and 4 final tables

Augusto César: This guy has had a strong season. He’s four final tables, 9 ITMs

Guilherme Schiff: 13 ITMs, will now break last year’s record with 5 FTs

Brazil will be at the 2023 WSOP How many bracelets won in ?

Matheus Freitas: Two

Augusto César: I think it will be a great edition for Brazil. Four bracelets.

Guilherme Schiff: Three bracelets, I believe. I hope one of these makes it to the Mojave Desert!

Who do you trust more for the new bracelet: Phil Hellmuth or Daniel Negreanu?

Matheus Freitas: I don’t believe any of it

Augusto César: Hellmuth, in the smaller mixed game section

Guilherme Schiff: Let Haters despair, I’m more confident in Hellmuth’s 17.

How many Main Event finalists will have bracelets this year?

Matheus Freitas: 1 will definitely get his bracelet

Augusto César: two, plus a big without a bracelet

Guilherme Schiff : I think this time it will be an FT bracelet owner without a bracelet

Bracelets for pagans filled with FT Yuri Martins,...

20 facts about Wesley Fei’s plummeting net worth

helicopter? convoy? 153 Years of the WSOP Main Eve...

Liar The Casino’s Million Dollar Game is a $1 million buy-in cash game expected to make memorable pot history. That idea became reality when the largest televised jackpot in history took place on the final day of broadcast, with nearly $3,100,000 going straight to Tom Dwan.

The media focused the entire focus on “dudu”. “But Wesley Fey, the self-proclaimed cryptocurrency millionaire on the show, saw the other side of the story. He tried to bluff with an A-High and lost a ridiculous amount of $1,536,000. At today’s exchange rates, that would be $7,772,160.

Do you know what you can do, buy or make money? Poker World has a list of 20. Check it out:

1) Played in the WSOP Main Event every year for 153 years (still has $6,000 to play)

2) That amount exceeds Aaron Duczak’s 7th place finish in the WSOP 2022 Main Event

3) 30 $50,000 entrants to the WSOP Poker Players Tournament.

4) More money than Dan Cates won twice WSOP 2022 Poker Players Tournament prize money $1,449,103.

5) A prize of this value will be the second highest prize> Forever representing Brazilian online poker

6) Win six times KSOP GGPoker Special 2023 Main Event won by Julian Pineda

7) It’s March, Phil Hellmuth will be in Las Vegas with $525,000 for nearly three houses for sale

8) 2.7 times the price of Big Brother Brazil 2023, largest award ever

9) 1,347 nights (or three and a half years) at the luxurious and traditional Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, suites with ocean views (source: Booking)

10) Purchase of a $1,350,000 Bell 505 helicopter for 4 to 5 passengers (Source: Flapper)

11 ) Purchase of 94 Hyundai HB20s, Brazil’s most One of the best selling cars, currently worth 82.290 reals (Source: Auto Esporte)

12) I was able to 910 tickets the most expensive purchase for last year’s World Cup final in Qatar

13) Purchased 1,963 PlayStation 5

14) Purchased 7,930 Premium Track Tickets for Coldplay Concert in Sao Paulo

15) Paid Flamengo star Gabigor BRL 1.5 million for five months

16) Easy bet 1,554,432

17) Paying for a subscription to the MundoTV channel on Twitch 983,817 months

18) Paying for the most expensive Netflix subscription 139,036 months

19) eat 11,264 times tasting chef Alberto Landgraf’s menu Oteque Restaurant, currently considered the best restaurant in Brazil

20 )Buy 18,116 Alexas (Echo Dot 4th Gen)

helicopter? convoy? 153 Years of the WSOP Main Eve...

André Busato Ends SCOOP 2023 With Event 116-M Victory

André Busato ends SCOOP 2023 with victory in 116-M...

Until the final hand of SCOOP 2023, the country’s players were battling for the title at the PokerStars tables. In Event 116-M: $109 NL Hold’em (Super Tuesday), victory came after heads-up play. Event 12-L Champion: $33 NL Hold’em (7-Max, Turbo, PKO), André Busado repeated the feat after defeating Eike “Mr.” Hana” defeated Onodera. The drivers on the satonamotoka account won a total of $49,045. The runner-up added to his bankroll for $34,959.

In event 116-M, “essigfilho” (4th ) and Brener “Bremer919” Vicente (No. 5) also left the final with $17,764 and $12,662.

The country is at Event 121-M: $33 NL Hold’em (7-Max, Hyper -Turbo, PKO). Marcos “Marcosv61” Vinícius earned $13,318 for biting his nails, while “nd1mas” took silver and $9,611.

120m: $55 NL Hold’ em (Freezeout, PKO), “ROGÉRIO” TWO” placed second out of 3,633 entries, a feat that netted the grinder $12,895.

André Busato ends SCOOP 2023 with victory in 116-M...

Victor Andreoletti Wins Suprema Poker Series Event 103-H

Several players boosted their bankrolls with impressive wins in the Suprema Poker Series on Wednesday the 31st. Victor Andreoletti screamed for the title in Event 103-H: $5,500 NL Hold’em Super HighS. The Amazon pro won R$81,067 by beating 98 players.

In turn, “Pendolf” took the win in Event 253-M: $300 NL Hold’em Battle HR. He was the first to win R$54,111 out of 1,497 entrants.

See more results:

Event 104-H: $750 NL Hold’em OmaX HR (86 entrants)

WINNER: “J. Coleman” R$30,194

Event 102-H: $550 Mini HighS (231 entrants)

WINNER: ” ToperHarrly” $24,230

Event 382-L: $35 NL Hold’em Big Plus (1,605 entrants)

WINNER: “$henanigans” $14,663

Éder Campana Wins GGWF Event 205-H – Online Poker Magazine

Éder Campana wins GGWF 205-H event

When the GGPoker World Festival comes to an end, the country’s top players will be giving their opponents a lot of trouble. Éder Campana is crowned champion in Event 205-H: $525 Bounty Hunters HR [6-Max]. He made a total of $53,211. Also in the Championship, Leonardo Mattos finished third for $23,384.

In Event 206-H: $250 Wednesday Double Stack, Gabriel “gtavares10” Tavares finished second out of 736 entrants, a feat that netted him $18,773. André Abreu had five withdrawals and was awarded $8,459.

In Event 205-M: $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Main Event [6-Max] Gabriel Medeiros was Brazil’s highlight. After beating 4,972 opponents, he made it to the podium and earned $18,346.

Nicolas “Mcdanadinho” Coppini, on the other hand, stopped heads up in Event 204-H: Wednesday Warmup $320 [Deep Stacks] and added $13,969 to his bankroll. The tournament had 276 participants.

Also on the site, top players Kelvin Kerber (3rd) and Rodrigo Seiji (5th) in Event 204-S: $1,500 Wednesday Warm Up [Deep Stacks]. ) won $13,412 and $8,445 respectively.

Éder Campana wins GGWF 205-H event

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