Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world record set

Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world recor...

Freak Friday once again brought more news than anyone expected. The Playground Poker Club of Canada has set a world record, much to the delight of some poker players. At the lower stakes tables, the upset jackpot brought in a staggering CA$2,590,185, or about US$1.9 million!

Fire erupted on social media as photos of the popular Quebec map space showed players involved in celebrating the milestone. In a bad beat jackpot, the player who loses the hand usually gets the lion’s share of the pot, while the winner also gets a good chunk of the prize. In addition, other players at the table will also divide the remaining pot.

While details of the winnings for each player have not yet been released, we will update this article as soon as we hear any casinos about it. But we have a hand like this:

On an 8 10 10 10 7 2 board, a player with 10 10 might be excited because he knows he won’t lose the hand if He has no nuts poker. Because even if his cards are beaten, the jackpot will be triggered, which will pay out big money.

As it turned out, poker wasn’t enough as the opponent showed 6 9 . straight flush. This triggered the largest jackpot in live poker history.

Canada, a place rich in jackpot Bad Beat millionaires

Coincidentally, the Playground Poker Club also held the largest Bad Beat jackpot to date. Interestingly, It is a similar hand. In June 2022, another poker tens player was beaten by a straight flush for $1.64 million.


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Bad Beat jackpot and $1.9 million: New world recor...

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