Bruno Severino Wins SCOOP Event 62-L

Bruno Severino Wins SCOOP Event 62-L

Green and Yellow Invasion Decisive Match 62-L: $109 NL Hold’em (Progressive KO) ends at SCOOP with more content from the country. Champion Bruno “bubbleboybr” Severino won $50,284 this time around, while his compatriots “jhonnei55” (4th), Renan “pEzzett^E” Pezzette (5th) and Lucas “Paje1803” Tavares (8th) Won $16,023, $14,253 and $9,384 of which

Bruno was leading 4-1 early in the heads-up match and needed some action to break the slack “Turn off Darapan. The Brazilian holds the J ♣6♣, made a push and received a penalty. With A 9 ♦, the Polish player lost the worst board on J♠2♣3♥4♣8.

Luiz ” Giant_Santos” Constantino lost heads-up in Event 67-H: $530 No-Limit Hold’em (DeepStacks). Overall, the second-placed pro earned $26,357.

When he left, Bu Rasuka already had 28 BBS when he announced the 4-bet all-in. “Fantomet1029” decided to call and submit K♠J♠. Lewis decided his opponent’s victory with A♦J♣ with Q♥5♥8♠K♣7♦.

Bruno Severino Wins SCOOP Event 62-L


  • Haylee.monahan

    This text seems to be discussing the results of a poker tournament at SCOOP, with Brazilian players performing well and one player, Bruno Severino, becoming the champion. It also mentions another Brazilian player, Luiz Constantino, who placed second in a different event.

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