First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games

First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games

Thanks to NachoAce for letting us see one of his annotated hands each week on our site. Here’s the hand of the week, don’t miss the analysis.

PokerStars No Limit Hold’em $2.00 BB (7 Hands) – PokerStars

CO ($81.75)NachoAce (button) ($200)SB ($200)BB ($190)UTG ($339.05)MP1 ($206.40)MP2 ($218.25)

Preflop: NachoAce is the button with 6, Ace4x, NachoAce bets $4, 1x, BB raises to $12,

BB is a player who raises 11% when trying to steal BB and 24% when trying to steal on the button . If we think a little bit about the 24% and the range, we can see that it contains a lot of hands that are better than ours, but also a lot of worse hands (K9o, QTo, J8s). They’re not worse hands because one of the cards is more valuable than the other, but worse because our hands would have odds in their favor if we were both pre-flop, which is Opportunity for a reraise, so 4-bet. The problem is, if I go all-in, I won’t be able to call because most of the hands that will do that will be better hands than mine. For these reasons, and because I have position, I decide to just pay off the bet and see the flop.

NachoAce calls $8

Flop: ($25) 10, 10, Ace (2 players)

As long as our opponent doesn’t have an ace or ten, the flop is good for us :)BB bets $12 and BB c-bets 71% of the hands he 3-bet preflop. Since the cards on the table are perfect for simulating a tight game, my guess is that he’ll bet on any pair he has. The problem at this point is that I have a good hand, but it’s very weak and easily beat when my opponent has better kickers like an ace or a ten. Also, if my opponent has nothing (say 78), he will fold. Automatically, if I just call (rather than raise), I’ll give him a chance to bluff the turn in my favor.

NachoAce calls


: ($49) 4 (2 players) A good card that only hurts me if my opponent has a 44. BB bet $28 and his opponent bet again, taking just over half of the pot. Here we have to think about what he bets with. If he had a hand like AK, I figured he might check and see how I was doing, because then he would give me a chance to raise when I had the 10 (and still had a lot of money left). When I receive a bet, I think my opponent has a very strong or very weak hand. That is, 10, 44, or a weak hand such as B. A lower pair, or nothing. Either way, the option is to call his bet, since I don’t want to raise against a better hand than mine, or make them fold a worse


First Hand Analysis: PokerStars Online Cash Games


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