Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Event

Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Eve...

At the end of Day 4 of the Main Event, less than 5% of the entrants still had a chance to win the most coveted bracelet in the 2023 WSOP. Of the 14 Brazilians who advanced, none did better than Hilton Laborda. He currently has 2,895,000 in chips, about 115 BBS, and ranks 33rd out of 441 qualifiers.

Hilton has experience running deep in the main event. 12 years ago, he was on day 7. The casual player was eliminated in 36th place, adding $242,636 to his bankroll.

Earlier on Day 4, the ITM bubble burst, Jeppe Bisgaard, Yueqi Wang and Peter Nigh, these players were playing in the same hand – the hand fell. They then shared the top two prizes from the $15,000 prize pool. Bisgaard even won a flip between the three and secured a buy-in for the next Main Event.

Meanwhile, Ryan Tosoc took the championship lead with 5,120,000 in chips. He is followed by Mitchell Halverson, a pro who finished 15th in the 2021 Main Event.

Play will resume at 4pm BST with blinds 10,000/25,000 and ante BB. Five 120-minute levels are also held here. Check Brazil chip count:

Hilton Laborda 2,895,000

Vitor Pilon 2,670,000

Thiago Crema 2,500,000

Arthur Campos 2,385,000

Hilton Lorenzo 2,200,000

Rafael Moras 1,880,000

Carlos Enrique 1,690,000

Rodrigo Benki 1,650,000

Gustavo Mastroto 1,510,000

Luis Donelles 1,275,000

Diego Falcone 1,115,000

Eduardo Silva 730,000

Ariel Bahia 490,000

Luis Abdullah 140,000

Hilton Laborda leads Brazil into Day 5 of Main Eve...


  • Juliet.bahringer

    This text provides an update on Day 4 of the 2023 WSOP Main Event, highlighting Hilton Laborda as the highest-performing Brazilian player among the 14 who advanced. It also mentions a significant hand involving Jeppe Bisgaard, Yueqi Wang, and Peter Nigh, resulting in the sharing of top two prizes.

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