Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Latin America

Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Lat...

Although the term Metaverse did become popular due to the cryptocurrency boom and is now forgotten, there is an entire industry behind it that continues to operate and is gaining traction in Latin America Positive outlook.

Gambling in general and poker or blackjack in particular were the first to use this technology. The establishment of famous tables in places like Decentraland has led to a large number of online mills migrating to the area, making huge and consistent profits compared to the profitability offered by online poker just a decade ago.

As media attention to the Metaverse realm wanes, there are manycompanies quietly working on future launches This will change the way gambling is planned.

“Adoption of the Metaverse by gamers will transform the economics of the industry and create new business and job opportunities. “Additionally, immersive experiences can be driven by opening up new markets and generating additional revenue for game operators regional economic growth,” said David Fica Jaque, founder and CEO of Land Vegas.

Since the so-called second online poker boom and the outbreak, manyoperators have turned to the Latin American market Seeking growth potential, although there is still much work to be done, especially on the regulatory front.

“Security and certification are critical to building player trust and ensuring they have a safe and transparent gaming experience, ” Jaque concluded in an interview with YogoNet.

There are already rooms like PokerStars that have created their own metaverse, initially with so-called in-game currency. WPT, for its part, has been working on a collection of NFTs that will be the key to a larger virtual universe.

IGamingOverall, this new Technology is also constantly evolving, attracting new target user groups, while companies not related to poker are developing their own projects and conducting extensive testing in countries such as Argentina. We will have to wait and see what the new world of virtual poker tables will be like What does it look like?

Introducing Metaverse to drive poker growth in Lat...


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    The text discusses the growing popularity and potential of the Metaverse in the gambling industry, particularly in Latin America, with examples of platforms like Decentraland and PokerStars incorporating virtual experiences. The author emphasizes the need for security, certification, and regulatory measures to ensure a safe and transparent gaming environment.

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