Manoel Gomes sets ITM record in 18 different countries in 2023

Poker Nomad? Brazilian Manoel Assunção set ITM rec...

Traveling to Brazil and around the world to watch live events is a real draw and can bring new life experiences to poker players. An example of a “poker traveler” is Manoel Assunção, a Brazilian casual player from Rio de Janeiro who reached an incredible milestone in 2023.

Manoel is ranked No. 1 in 2023, according to The Hendon Mob website’s stat list. “Flag Hunter rankings, composed of players who competed and won prizes in poker events in different countries throughout the year.

Impressively, Manoel has won prizes in 18 different countries. That’s right! As of February 2023 Since starting his poker nomadic journey at EPT Paris in March, winning the Main Event and Side Events, the Brazilian hasn’t stopped.

He has performed in the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Monte Carlo, USA, UK took part, Cyprus, Lithuania, Spain, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Slovakia, Malta, Scotland, Portugal and finally they ended the year at EPT Prague in the Czech Republic. Also, none of them were in Brazil .

In addition to life experience, his experience in all these countries has earned him a total of $84,410 in prize money. Since the ranking is only through ITM statistics, the player from Rio is likely to participate in the future Registered tournaments in other locations.

During his career, the player from Rio de Janeiro has had many great results in tournaments in Brazil and Las Vegas. Highlights include the 2015 Finished 2nd in the 2015 BSOP Natal Main Event, 3rd in the 2015 WSOP Event 12 (the final stop of the 2019 Millionaire Maker), and 2019 BSOP Sao Paulo Main Event

Poker Nomad? Brazilian Manoel Assunção set ITM rec...

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  • This text highlights the story of Manoel Assunção, a Brazilian poker player who has traveled to various countries to participate in live events and has achieved great success. It emphasizes the importance of traveling for poker players to gain new experiences and improve their skills. Overall, it showcases the dedication and achievements of Manoel Assunção in the poker world.

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    This text highlights the journey of Manoel Assunção, a Brazilian poker player who has traveled extensively around the world to participate in live poker events. His achievements, including reaching the No. 1 ranking in 2023 and winning prizes in 18 different countries, demonstrate the value of exploring different locations for poker players.

  • I think it’s impressive that Manoel Assunção has traveled to so many different countries to play poker and has achieved such great success. His dedication to the game and willingness to explore new locations for tournaments shows his passion for poker.

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