Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event in 13th Place

Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event...

Pablo Brito is the country’s standout player in the current GGMillion$ season and is just a few eliminations away from competing in another FT. In the GGMillion$ Week High Roller, he bowed out with only two tables remaining. In total, No. 13 earned 9tales members $68,904.

Pablo troubled the leaders for a long time but the Bahians were unable to maintain the momentum when they needed him most. As a farewell, he made an 8bet opening all-in straight from UTG. David Peters then decided to defend the big hand and call. When A♣2♣ came up against 4♥4♣, Pablo couldn’t find any outs on the 7♦Q♠6♣6♠3♣ board.

In addition to Pablo, seven other Brazilians also scored for Day 2. Pedro Padilha was the first to lose all his chips, finishing in 65th place and winning $25,820. Alan Melo (47th – $29,465), Yuri Martins (44th – $29,465), Pedro Garagnani (40th – $33,735), Rodrigo Rodrigo Selouan (33rd – $38,736), Bruno Volkmann (30th – $38,736) and Rodrigo Seiji (51st – $51,455) Also withdrew from the GGPoker Mini Series.

Pablo’s opponent Peters has been confirmed to participate in the final and will work with 51 BBS. In the search for his first title, the American met several professionals, including Vicente Delgado. The Spaniard is at the top of the list with 68 BBS.

With 652 entrants signing up for $10,300, GGPoker blew past its $5,000,000 guarantee. Whoever calls out “Champion” will receive $998,294 from a $6,520,000 prize pool. Events will resume at 3pm (BST).

Pablo Brito Finishes GGMillion$ Weekly Main Event...


  • This text provides a brief summary of the performance of Pablo Brito in the GGMillion$ season, including his near elimination in the High Roller event. It also mentions the other Brazilian players who scored in Day 2, and highlights the participation of David Peters in the final.

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