This Sunday, the “Venom PKO” satellite event will be held

This Sunday, the “Venom PKO” satellite event will...

Venom PKO will be released on the 18th. Entered the field in January with $5 million guaranteed. While there’s still a long way to go, ACR Poker has promised multiple satellites.

Room said it would pay for650 seats. Best Online Tournaments. It all starts on Sunday, January 7, when for just $33 you can win a coveted $2,650 to register for the site’s big event.

The daily qualifiers will be the easiest to enter, and from there there will be a field of 375 players. Available locations. There will also be a MEGA satellite (with 215 buy-ins) and a Beasts satellite (with 60 seats).

This Sunday, the “Venom PKO” satellite event will...

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  • The text is informing about the release of the Venom PKO tournament on the 18th, with multiple satellites and guaranteed prizes. It also mentions different qualifying options and the availability of the tournament in various locations.

  • Hermiston.quincy

    This text provides information about the release of Venom PKO on the 18th, which had a $5 million guaranteed prize fund. ACR Poker has committed to hosting multiple satellites and covering the cost of 650 seats. Additionally, there will be various qualifying tournaments with different buy-ins and available locations.

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