Thursday is a busy day at CCP Million

Starting decisions, new Main Event qualifiers, and...

After After a promising first day in the lobby of the Sibara Hotel in Barnellio Camboriú, the CCP Million event continued on Thursday, a day that promises to be filled with excitement. A big decision is already on the schedule, with the continuation of the Main Event qualifiers, the start of the much-anticipated Mystery Bounty and, of course, the famous Turbo Night Race.

Thursday kicks off with a daytime mystery bounty. This popular, democratic competition offers an attractive 150,000 reais guarantee and will feature two qualifiers. Day 1A, when the schedule opens, is scheduled for 4:00 pm. Day 1B takes place in the evening, expected at 8:30pm. The tournament has a buy-in of R$430 and will be decided the next day.

CCP Million’s first major decision will also be at 4pm. The startup returns on day two with a reduced field and all qualifiers vying for one of the toughest trophies of the series. The champion will be decided on the day, and the winner will have a chance to win great prizes.

Then, at 7:00 p.m., there will be the second qualifier for the Main Event. Day 1B has a regular structure with 30-minute blinds. The buy-in fee is R$ 650 and the margin is R$ 500,000. The evening program ends with CCP Turbo KO. The buy-in for the tournament is R$220, with blinds increasing every 15 minutes.

Starting decisions, new Main Event qualifiers, and...


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    This text highlights the various exciting events and tournaments taking place at the CCP Million event in Barnellio Camboriú, including the Main Event qualifiers, Mystery Bounty, and Turbo Night Race. It provides details on the schedule, buy-ins, and prizes for each event, attracting potential participants and creating a sense of anticipation and competition.

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