Victor Andreoletti Wins Suprema Poker Series Event 103-H

Several players boosted their bankrolls with impressive wins in the Suprema Poker Series on Wednesday the 31st. Victor Andreoletti screamed for the title in Event 103-H: $5,500 NL Hold’em Super HighS. The Amazon pro won R$81,067 by beating 98 players.

In turn, “Pendolf” took the win in Event 253-M: $300 NL Hold’em Battle HR. He was the first to win R$54,111 out of 1,497 entrants.

See more results:

Event 104-H: $750 NL Hold’em OmaX HR (86 entrants)

WINNER: “J. Coleman” R$30,194

Event 102-H: $550 Mini HighS (231 entrants)

WINNER: ” ToperHarrly” $24,230

Event 382-L: $35 NL Hold’em Big Plus (1,605 entrants)

WINNER: “$henanigans” $14,663


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